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Frequently asked questions

(A must read for trainers and pet owners)


Disagreements between Trainer & Client:

- If their is a disagreement that can't be resolved, you can forward the disagreement issue to us where it will be reviewed to determine if we
can help the parties reach an amicable agreement.

- Please note: We do not take sides, we are not lawyers nor are we judges. We try to mediate a solution from a neutral position to bring
about an agreement. We can not help resolve disagreements if, either party is unwilling to participate.

Cancellation of services:

- The pet owner has 2 weeks from the date of registration of the training course to cancel and ask for a refund.
(Assuming the pet owner has not started or attended any classes)

- If after 1 class the pet owner wishes to cancel classes, the decision to refund is entirely up to the discretion of the trainer. The trainer may
choose to retain only the funds for a single class, but all equipment and product purchased by the pet owner and any additional extras
become non refundable. Again It's still all up to the Trainers discretion.

- The pet owner can not cancel and ask for a refund at any time after 2 weeks into the course, unless the trainer / training school wish to do

Pet owner abuse:

- If a trainer is aware that their client is abusing or mistreating in anyway their dog , its his/her obligation to notify the proper authorities. You
may also notify us at the Association and we will notify the authorities. However you must provide proof of the nature of the abuse.

Trainers abuse:

- If the pet owner is aware that a trainer is abusing or mistreating a dog, it is their obligation to notify the proper authorities. The Association
can also be notified and we will notify the authorities on their behalf. However you must provide proof of the nature of the abuse.


- All complaints should be submitted to the head of the training school or to the trainer, first. If you're not satisfied with the outcome you can enlist the aid of the Association to mediate. Please be aware we are not judges But we will make every effort to help the parties involved reach an amicably solution.

Training methods:

- There are many ways to train a dog. We do not promote any particular method.

Trainers obligation:

- The trainers, or training schools, are obligated to fully explain each course to the pet owner. It is essential the client understands all factors,
including your training method, the duration of the course, its cost (etc) before they register.

Pet owners obligation:

- Must follow instructions! Must attend classes.

After completing training classes (support):

- Some training schools offer lifetime support, and others not. (There is no obligation to do so. It is entirely at the discretion of the training school)


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