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If your Not a registered business as a training school with the government Not a Problem

(To qualify please see below)

Note:(A website registration is not considered registered by the Government)

1- Proof of your training; where you trained and with whom.

2- Proof of how long you've been training professionaly.

3- If you are working in a training school we need to verify.

4- If you are a self taught and been training dogs for over 5 years we need proof of your credibility.

5- If you are a part time trainer you must have a professional vouch for you.

6- You must have a website

Please fill out the Registration form, we will review your entry. if we need any additional information we will get in touch.

If we feel that you don't qualify we will provide you with an explanation.

If you Qualify as a trainer

Once registration is activated you will receive Email confirmation and your unique Id/registration number.

If at any time your position changes please advise us to up date your status.
Follow ups and random checks will be done.



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