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What makes us different?

As a dog trainer yourself, we are sure that you are aware of the pretenders, individuals attempting to benefit from what can be a lucrative industry, but lacking the credentials. These folks come and go like a revolving door. Unfortunately, many are successful at convincing the general public that they are professionals. They are hurting the profession, not only by damaging its reputation but also, in many instances, by creating problem dogs. When they are unsuccessful at rehabilitating bad behaviours the pet can end up at a shelter or, worst case scenario, being put down.  If it’s lucky it will find its way to a real professional who will find that sometimes the problem is fixable but, at other times, it’s just too late. Something has to be done!

Granted, there are other sites available but the CDTA differs in the following favourable ways:

- No Advertising

- We do our best to insure that every trainer and training school is legitimate to the best of our knowledge.

- We will be a network of professionals able to call upon one another for help if needed, advice or to simply share experiences.

Please note We do not Promote any schools or trainers It's up to the individual to be vigilante in choosing the school/trainer.

Also Any problems between trainers or organizations that have issues with one another is to be settled among themselves.



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